1. About the Promoters ?

2. Does the company have any experience with the running of a club ?

3. Is it a Government run club ?

    Please get in touch with us on 079 2537 0099 or 079 2537 0000, for details on memberships.

1. Is the membership transferable in the event of a member’s death ?
2. Will the member be charged for utilizing the facilities of the club ?
3. Will the restaurants offer a discounted rate to members ?
4. Will the members be able to use the stadium area ?
5. What will be the charges for guests accompanying a member to use the club facilities ?
6. What are the benefits of enrolling as a member ?
7. Will the membership be transferable ?
8. Are there any checks being made on who can join the club ?
9. What happens to my membership if I decide to leave the city and no longer need the membership ?
10. Are there any Affiliated Club benefits that a Member is entitled to ?
11. When are monthly subscriptions due ?
12. Are members given signing rights ?


1. What are the facilities being offered at the club ?
2. What is the date of commencement of operations ?
3. When will the hotel be ready ?
4. Will there be separate restaurants serving vegetarian and non-vegetarian food ?
5. Will the general public be able to rent the banquet areas ?
6. How many rooms does the club have ?
7. How many vehicles is a member permitted to register ? Are there any fees for parking ?
8. What is the size of EKA Club ?
9. Will member’s guests be permitted to attend events organized by the Club ?
10. Will there be a priority on sale of tickets for events (such as football, concerts, etc.) to members ?
11. What are the facilities for member’s children ?
12. Are any convenience stores being planned ?
13. What about Wi-Fi & Smoking Zones ?
14. Will pets be allowed ?
15. What are the operating hours of the club ?
16. What is the club’s policy on maids / supervisors of children ?


1. What sports are available in the indoor multi-purpose sports hall ?
2. Will sports camps be conducted at the sports hall ?
3. Will there be professional coaching available ?
4. Will the coaching facilities be open to general public ?
5. Will there be specific timings for members and guests to use the pool areas ?
6. Will there be professional swimming coaching classes ?
7. Will the children have a separate swimming pool ?
8. Will there be personal trainers available for members ?
9. Do members have to pay extra for getting a personal trainer ?
10. Does the club have a nutritionist, physiotherapist and diet planner ?
11. Are there changing rooms available ?
12. Will the BTC (gym) be open to the general public ?
13. What are the parking arrangements for the BTC (gym) members ?
14. Does the club have card rooms ?
15. Does the club have any in-house nutritionist to assist the members playing various sports ?
16. Will there be any inter club or other competitions taking place at the club ?
17. Have flood lights been provided for, to enable use of outdoor sports facilities at night ?
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