The Myth: No pain, no gain:

This is easily the most popular catch phrase to mislead a world since long time. Especially by old school bodybuilders and athletes.


A balanced weight and body size yields innumerable health benefits in the long run. Some of these include a regulated blood pressure, good body posture, slow ageing, self esteem and

1. Vegetable Dalia

Due to its dietary fiber and protein content you can call it Hindustani super food. (100 gram wheat dalia = 79 gram carbs, 11 gram protein,

AMRAP, or “As Many Rounds/Reps as Possible,” is a type of high-intensity interval training that has grown in popularity in recent years—and for good reason. These short, challenging metabolic-conditioning workouts


Exercise has been shown to have a number of positive effects on a person’s cognitive functioning


Exercise is related to positive changes in mood and has been found

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